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Motivational/Public Speaker, Clinton School of Public Service Graduate 2022, artist, model, conscious social media personality, podcast host and soon-to-be author.

Adopt a Ruling Class Mentality"

Demetrious Jordan

   Demetrious grew up in West Helena, Ar for most of his life where he attended elementary, middle and high school. He was known for [Art] painting and academics; designing the school's dictionaries/thesauruses, competing in and winning many different art competitions and even painting for the late great Blues musician B.B. King. He was even featured in the newspapers for his artistic achievements over the years. Unfortunately, the homelessness he experienced much later in Conway wasn't new territory for him coming from a background consisting of living in many different homeless shelters and battered women shelters with his single mom and siblings when they were much younger. After a horrific leg injury during his 11th grade year that almost prevented him from graduating, he eventually graduated from high school [top male in his class] in 2012 and moved away after a year at the local community college. He decided not to pursue a career in the Art field.

   December 16th, 2018, only a day after graduating magna cum laude with his B.A. in Psychology, DD decided to share a story for those family and friends who couldn't make it to the graduation. He posted a status on Facebook and Instagram detailing how he'd actually been involved in a life threatening car accident just years before followed by almost a year and a half of homelessness. He explained how he had been sleeping in a shed until accepted into a local homeless shelter. This was the first time he had ever shared all of this information with anyone.

   The story almost immediately went viral and Channel 4 KARK News eventually aired an entire 'Good News Matter' special on part of his life. Demetrious has since been featured in local magazines including Faulkner Lifestyle magazine, 501 Life magazine, several newspapers, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, UCA 6 News Channel and even some college pamphlets. 

   Almost immediately, entities started reaching out asking DD to come speak everywhere from churches, middle schools to colleges. He signed his first contract to speak on behalf of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) at their annual ADE Summit 2019 at the Hot Springs Convention Center. He even spoke at the annual Journey of Hope, Dinner & Auction, Benefiting the Bethlehem House (which is the homeless shelter Demetrious lived at for almost a year and a half). The rest is history as Demetrious has been traveling and speaking ever since.

   Overcoming many obstacles including homelessness while in Conway, Arkansas born-and-raised motivational speaker Demetrious "DD" Jordan has been making quite the impact on thousands of people after his story of overcoming recent struggles unintentionally went viral just a year ago. 

   With his dynamic personality and will do-can-do attitude, DD has since reached thousands via social media while also speaking at middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, nonprofits and more.

   Growing up with a single mother who battled and continues to battle  with bipolar depression, DD [and his 3 other siblings] had to accommodate to this fatherless lifestyle. This reality was all while being surrounded by disenfranchised communities, violence and a continuous cycle of poverty. The hunger and desire for more fueled and continues to fuel his drive. He attributes his blessings to both God (the Most High) and his own doings by having (what he calls) a ruling class mentality.

   He recently graduated from the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ar to earn his Master of Public Service degree! He is also a model, public speaker, artist, conscious social media personality, podcast host and soon-to-be-author.


The already Award winning student/speaker embodies the quote

"If you dont aim too high, then you're aiming too low!" 

with not only his approach to addressing or speaking out about life struggles but also his approach to life itself.




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